Spring is Coming (I Promise)

by on Tue, Mar 05 2013

It’s snowing outside.  Yes, a big, fluffy snowstorm is headed our way in this first week of March.  But never fear, spring IS coming.  It has to.  It’s never failed us.  There are still mittens and hats on the shelf just in case.  But we’re optimistic.  Here are some ways Just Goods is celebrating spring coming right around the corner (how far away is the corner again?)…

1.  Sundresses and sweet babies.ShelbyJGSundress1030Jan13

2.  Colors!734915_10151347246701051_183365500_n3.  Great coffee (cold or warm weather…a must!)578651_10151134100421051_944108376_n4.  Bike carriers, bike cards, bike tees!306048_10151262656491051_67688476_n734914_10151405048916051_1350264722_n

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