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Kick Bag

Crocheted cotton kick bag. Each one is unique! 2 1/2 in. dia. Serrv. $5.00. Item #2203.

Justin Roberts, “Meltdown” CD

Original kids’ songs that both kids and adults enjoy.  Funny, energetic, clever! Songs: I Chalk, My Brother Did It, Get Me Some Glasses, Our Imaginary Rhino, Meltdown, Maybe the Monster, Sand Castle, Taking off My Training Wheels, More Than Just a Minute, Cartwheels & Somersaults, Koala Bear Diner, It’s Your Birthday, Song for You.  $15.98. Item #1413.

My Unique Wooden Toys

These toys are hand crafted and designed with the belief that simplicity is the key to stimulate a child’s imagination and to create endless playtime.  Non-toxic finishes, 100% child safe design. Made in Silver Lake, IN. Many designs available, from pull toys, wooden blocks, vehicles, fishing poles and more! My Unique Wooden Toys. $5.00-$46.00.

Coconut Clave Rhythm Sticks


Renewable hardwood from coconut farms. 8″ or 6″ long. Jamtown. $10.95, $8.95. Item #3607 & #3606.


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